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When it comes to financial planning, there are many different methods to help reach your financial goals, but there can be many routes that are not as efficient. Just like a GPS enables you to find your way to your destination efficiently by avoiding possible hazards, detours, and jams, our team at RAA Wealth Management use that same philosophy in our planning technique. We want our clients to reach their financial goals while warning them of any possible risks or pitfalls that may come up along the way. Our GPS planning method uses the highly influential “6 Steps” of the financial planning process designed by the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ board and goes a few steps further. 

We want to make sure the plan is a custom fit for your personalized goals. Everyone has different priorities in where they see their finances going, and we want to partner with you in creating a realistic and strategic method to get you there. We partner alongside your CPA, Attorney, and other advisors to ensure everyone is on the same page with Tax Strategies, Estate Planning, Investment Solutions, and Insurance Protection.

The GPS Planning Solution is a powerful solution for business owners, small and large, looking to protect and grow their assets and cash flow. Also, families who diversify in multiple assets like real estate, farmland, qualified accounts, and private stock offerings are looking for a strategy for tax efficiency, protecting, and financial education.

Client Centered

The GPS Method is a holistic approach realizes that there are multiple moving pieces to your financial picture and that there needs to be a healthy balance between all these pieces. For example, to reach the financial goals of your family and or business, there should be a certain amount of protection (Insurance & Estate Planning) while also taking on the right amount of risk (Investments). 

It is vital that every business and family periodically review their cash flow to generate wealth by creating an efficient tax plan while also setting money aside for the future (Retirement Solutions).

We want and urge clients to allow us to build a trusted relationship with their families. It is essential to educate the next generation on managing their finances, especially when inheriting a business or windfall. We want to become a friend of the family to lean on if and when needed.

These seven factors looked at together and not separately can create an extraordinary and effective financial plan that will guide you, your business, and your family to a solid financial future.


Client Centered

You can stretch your money when you work with a professional who is trained to show you how to choose investments for your time frame and risk tolerance, save money on taxes, and rein in high-interest debt. CFP® professionals have the education, experience, and access to research and insights that the average investor does not. They know how important it is to keep up with the latest laws and tax code changes, and they know about strategies that can make it easier to reach your goals—which may save you a lot of money over the long run, too.

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